Here are the views of some of the UK's leading contractors, construction clients, developers and architects about our furniture and fit out services

Tristan Herbert, Senior Development Manager, Vita Group:

“These are high quality apartments to meet the rising demand for city living.  Our requirement is for exceptional quality kitchen and bedroom furniture and a robust installation. Design-led aesthetic appeal for the fitted furniture is essential in order to attract tenants and to ensure the apartments look good for years to come.”

Andy Cook, Project Manager, Perth & Kinross Council:

“We are more than happy with Deanestor’s performance on this project, from design and installation to the robust quality of the furniture. We adopted a very different approach for the design of this school to reflect the different methods of teaching and the increasing importance of social interaction. Each child will be equipped with a tablet and the majority of learning materials will be digital which reduces the need for physical storage. Tables have a flexible rather than a fixed layout. By moving away from traditional styles of teaching and adopting an environment that is similar to higher education, we will be preparing young people for working in the real world.”

Robbie Kerr, Operations Manager, Robertson Construction:

“Deanestor’s involvement at the pre-construction stage was invaluable. This gave us the benefit of more accurate cost planning, fewer design changes and most importantly, we were able to deliver exactly what the client wanted. We were also able to look at the M&E package at an earlier stage, locating services around the precise layout of the furniture. The quality of the furniture is superb and everyone who has visited Bertha Park is very impressed with the internal environment. The whole team worked exceptionally well together on this project – the client, Robertson, Norr and Deanestor – to deliver an outstanding school.”

Brian O’Donnell, Associate, Norr Architects:

“This is a terrific project, providing a range of different spaces to reflect collaborative learning and a more fluid approach to teaching. The furniture is very much part of the building and some items such as the angled seating booths even reflect the shape of the school. Deanestor was an integral part of the project team and worked in partnership with us from the earliest design stages. This initial development work definitely contributed to the overall quality and allowed us to have a lot of bespoke fitted furniture whilst working to a tight budget. This demonstrates excellent value for money. Our relationship with Deanestor was very successful and the end result has definitely exceeded our expectations.”

Iain Loud, Senior Design Manager, Robertson Construction:

“Deanestor met all our requirements for quality, cost, experience and strong financial stability. This is a fast-track project which needs an open and collaborative approach. Deanestor is happy to work with our client to develop the most appropriate level of specification within the available budget.”

“Deanestor’s furniture and fitting-out contract at Bertha Park School, which is nearing completion, has gone very well and feedback about their site team has been hugely positive to date. Their design team has been terrific, very committed and happy to go above and beyond when needed to meet client needs.”

Stephen Howie, Design Manager, NHS Dumfries and Galloway:

“We are more than satisfied with the products that Deanestor has manufactured for our new acute hospital. The bedhead IPS panel units have helped to create an ambiance within the patient bedrooms and have contributed to reducing the clinical feel of these rooms. The quality and robustness of benching and cabinetry stands out and gives confidence that we will have many years of problem-free usage with the products.”

Oliver Gardiner, Development Director, Mace:

“We have had a very positive relationship with Deanestor from the earliest design stages. Their team has been responsive and professional, working with us to develop a range of furniture options which combine longevity, value and a high standard of aesthetics to create a fresh and modern appearance for the bedrooms. We visited the Deanestor factory which was impressive and gave us the reassurance that the capabilities, logistics and capacity required for projects of this scale are in place.”

Francis Breen, Construction Director, Skanska:

“Deanestor offered the most competitive solution for this project. We needed a combination of high quality, durable and functional furniture that would meet the highest standards of infection control. The Deanestor team engaged well with this complex construction scheme and had a positive attitude throughout.”

Colin Glen, Clinical Project Manager, Royal Papworth Hospital:

“Our requirement was for good quality furniture that had longevity. Furniture that would be resistant to damage and that is well designed to avoid settling of dust and maintain infection control. Deanestor has provided great quality products which are exactly what the hospital needed.”

Lisa Rubython, Architect, JM Architects:

“The Deanestor fixed furniture provides efficient storage and compliments the semi-open plan classrooms which are arranged around courtyards with a high level of internal glazing. Overall, we are really pleased with the project which is one of Scotland’s largest primary schools and the use of BIM was invaluable in co-ordinating the client’s furniture requirements for manufacture.”

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