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When visitors first enter a hotel, the furniture is a main influence on their first impression. With opinions of visitors more important than ever, thanks to sites like Trip Advisor, it’s vital that this impression is as high as possible. This is where Deanestor can help, with their 65 years of experience and stellar reputation for manufacturing and installing quality hotel furniture.

Reception furniture

An eye-catching reception can truly set the mood for your guests stay; a poorly designed reception will get holidays off to a bad start and can lose you valuable Trip Advisor stars. Space should be embraced for luggage filled arrivals and furniture should be arranged to point all visitors straight to the front desk.

Your reception should be the standard to which the rest of the décor of your hotel follows; there’s no point in having a luxurious reception that leads into shabby hallways and untidy bedrooms. With Deanestor’s   bespoke design capabilities, you can ensure your reception is exactly what you’re after.

Dark furniture and natural wood reception desks are currently taking hotel receptions by storm, with the natural wood providing warmth to arriving guests. Wood also adds versatility and unique options, to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Thankfully Deanestor are able to provide this, with a wide range of materials to suit your brand or aesthetic needs.

Redecorating a hotel can be costly, so ideally you want future proof and long lifetime furniture. Deanestor’s glue and dowel construction allows for a secure and strong structure, providing longevity and value for money.

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is one of the most vital parts of the hotel for visitors. It’ll be where they spend most of their time and it needs to be a perfect mix of comfort and sophisticated design. Despite the clear importance of a high quality comfortable bed, other seating is also an important thing to consider. Large bucket chairs can be added to a room for luxury and Deanestor’s seating options include affordable market options if required, allowing us to suit all budgets and hotels.

Deanestor are able to supply complete solutions for bedroom furniture. As well as manufacturing furniture, working closely with high quality furniture brands, we can design custom furniture and install complete projects. This is ideal for hotels, when repeatability is high and using a singular business for design, manufacture and installation is the perfect solution.

With Deanestor you never have to be concerned about being unhappy with the end product. With our bespoke design coming with 2d or 3d imaging, we can ensure client approval is obtained before any hotel furniture is manufactured or installed. This provides total satisfaction on delivery.

Our established supply chain allows Deanestor to supply white goods, desks, chairs, electrical appliances, soft furnishings and more. Our experienced design team have designed and installed furniture in hotels and student accommodation, making them the perfect choice for a complete renovation or new build.


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