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Healthcare furniture is an important feature that every hospital has. It is used by the nurses and doctors on an hourly basis to provide urgent, around-the-clock care for patients. For the patients, hospital furniture is part of the recovery process so is vital in ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

Hospital furniture provides the necessary support that patients depend on every day, but it does not just supply a functional solution. The design, aesthetics, practicality and comfort of medical furniture matters greatly to patients of all ages.

Patients who are frail and unwell rely on hospital furniture to support them in their movements and keep them comfortable for long periods of time. For a lot of people in hospitals they can spend significant time in the hospital or away from home, for these people it is important to not make the hospital look and feel like a hospital, but somewhere where relaxation and recover go hand-in-hand.

By introducing colour and bespoke hospital furniture, Deanestor create environments for patients that destresses and provides the best platform for nurses and doctors to carry out their amazing work. Take a look at samples our work at Royal London and St Barts Hospitals.

At Deanestor, we do not just specialise in the design as hospital furniture manufacturers. We also take safety as our number one priority. We take safety into consideration at every stage of the design and manufacture process of our custom-build healthcare furniture.

We use materials that are easy to clean and combine them with high-quality lacquers for added durability and we incorporate antimicrobial agents in our furniture to surpass the growth of microorganisms.

We understand that furniture used on an everyday basis can be magnets for bacteria and infections, poorly designed medical furniture can add to the problem with hard to clean areas and ledges. With over 65 years’ experience as industry leaders in specialised hospital furniture and laboratory furniture we understand the challenges of reducing microbes in high-risk areas.

With a global network of suppliers, we are able to source the best of high performance materials including high-performance vinyl for its anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection properties. Regular cleaning with warm soapy water and a clean water rinse is enough to retain the vinyl’s appearance and durability.

Deanestor offers a full end-to-end service for our customer, we offer planning, design, 3D visuals, project management, supply, delivery and installation. We work with construction companies and architects as well as NHS trusts, universities and schools to provide our specialist furniture for markets that have specific requirements in design, strength, durability and aesthetics.

We recognise the ergonomics in all of our furniture from our experience in student furniture, hospital furniture and school furniture among many other industries.

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