Dentalstyle sponsor Emergency Dental Care

Dentalstyle have sponsored Bridge2aid to train a Health Care worker in Emergency Dental Care. 

Victor N is based at the Shilela Health Centre of the Kahama District. He is 26 years old, and has been a Clinical Officer there for 9 months.

The health clinic where he works is responsible for the Healthcare of around 13,160 people. Previously people had to travel over an hour on a bus, costing 2 days wages, and often would not receive the help required. In the 3 months prior to Victor's training, 600 patients visited him for help with 35 suffering oral pain. 

Victor passed the practical assessment with flying colours and post-training scored 99% for theory. He will continue to use these skills and care for his community with ongoing support from Bridge2aid and the District Dental Officer. Victor enjoyed the training and said, “I would like to gain knowledge and skills of all dental practices.”

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