Hospital Furniture to Improve your Healthcare Facility

There are many healthcare facilities across the UK, including doctor surgeries, hospitals and mental health facilities. Patients and families can end up spending a lot of unwanted time in these facilities and therefore it is important that they feel comfortable and valued whilst staying or visiting. The hospital environment is not usually a pleasant experience and many organisations work hard to provide a peaceful setting for those going through tough situations.

Create a Positive Atmosphere with Hospital Furniture

Hospital furniture can be a great way to ensure patients and families are greeted with a welcoming atmosphere as soon as they enter the building. It can also offer them a place to relax and reflect, depending on their personal situation. Waiting rooms, wards and reception areas can all influence visitors’ feelings, both positively and negatively. Deanestor have worked with innumerable facilities in the past to design, manufacture and install a range of modern, stylish and exciting new hospital furniture. Some of our clients have included Kirkwood Hospice and East Riding Community Hospital who came to Deanestor requiring high-quality, interesting waiting room furniture as well as hospital bed rails and medical cabinetry.

Deanestor have the ability to create specialised hospital furniture for working medical laboratories or comfortable, living furniture for hospices and long-stay healthcare facilities. We understand the impact hospital furniture can have on patients and aim to manufacture products that suit their intended purpose. Overhead bed furniture is the perfect way to utilise limited space in wards and rooms and our bespoke bedroom furniture can help your patients to feel at home.

Hospital Furniture for Mental Health Facilities

Healthcare furniture is especially important in mental health units. These environments have many rules and regulations that must be adhered to, to ensure the health and safety of the patients and facility users. Deanestor are experienced manufacturers and installers of mental healthcare furniture and can provide bedroom furniture and storage units as well as anti-ligature fixtures and fittings. We specialise in fitted healthcare furniture which helps to provide a safe environment in mental health hospitals.

Our bespoke designs are developed closely with architects, healthcare staff and the end user to enable us to provide hospital furniture that is both safe and inviting. It is important to provide healthcare furniture that improves the environment of those using it and therefore Deanestor works hard to provide a service that is acceptable across all healthcare sectors. We thoroughly enjoy creating warm, inviting spaces that offer practicality as well as style, so that every user feels comfortable.

Not Just Healthcare  Furniture Suppliers

Deanestor’s well-established supply chain means we can also offer high-quality furniture and fittings for any project, from airports to hotels. Our sister company, Offsite Solutions, can also provide bespoke bathroom pods for healthcare facilities and hospitals.

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