How Student Accommodation can Make or Break a University

Higher education is becoming increasingly accessible, with over 1.75million people attending university or other similar institutions in 2015-2016. Of these, over 500,000 were first-year undergraduates according to UCAS and Universities UK. Most universities try to guarantee their first-year students a place in the halls of residence, on or close to campus. With the number of accepted students rising, new construction projects are starting across the UK to keep up with this promise of available housing.

Space Maximising Student Furniture

Student accommodation offers undergraduates a private space to sleep, study and relax. As most students will be living in student accommodation during their first year of university, it is usually a significant selling point when it comes to deciding where to study. Deanestor recognises this and aims to provide high-quality, stylish products that will appeal to prospective students. We are experts in design and can provide all aspects of student furniture which will help to maximise smaller spaces.

Our range of student accommodation furniture can be incorporated into a bespo20th of Maarke design to offer residents a comfortable place to spend their time at university.

Beds, overhead storage, wardrobes, desks, kitchens and social areas are all within our capabilities, and with the availability of our sister company, Offsite Solutions, we can also provide contemporary bathroom pods for en-suite or shared areas.

Durable and Robust Products for all Universities

Thousands of people pass through university accommodation every year and therefore student accommodation furniture can suffer in terms of heavy usage. We aim to create furniture that is robust and long-lasting, as well as stylish and modern.

All of our products are manufactured in the UK so we have full control over quality assurance and we use our own established supply chain for fixtures and fittings. Our proven production and installation methods help to prolong the life-span of our furniture, making Deanestor the perfect choice for your accommodation project.

Our ability to provide everything from fitted student furniture through to soap dispensers and kettles means you don’t have to worry about using different companies for one project. You can rest easy knowing your accommodation will be furnished with only the best products on the market.

Please read through our case studies to get a better understanding of our capabilities. Alternatively, call us today on 01623 420041 for more information and to discuss your ideas further. 


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