Reception Counters for a Great First Impression

Reception counters have a very special role in any business environment. Whether you run a bustling city hotel, a private healthcare centre or a quiet office on the edge of town, your reception counter will welcome numerous guests to your business giving them a first impression which should be as positive as possible.

Getting the design and quality right is essential.

The more thought that goes into the design of your reception counter and surrounding area, the more positive the experience from size and shape through to material and finish, there is nothing that should be overlooked.

 Our team at Deanestor have put together this comprehensive guide on what elements to consider when refurbishing your foyer.

The desired atmosphere

When it comes to the reception areas, it’s good to have a clear understanding of what you want your guests to experience when they visit. Open reception counters made from natural woods such as beech or pine may provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for healthcare and respite facilities. When coupled with neutral and earthy colours, wooden reception counters can help to bring the outdoors in.

Some establishments call for more contemporary designs featuring elements including lights, resin and metal. White elements mixed with modern design offer an air of cleanliness and bring any reception area into the Present day.

Added convenience

It’s important to realise that reception counters are more than just a welcoming hub. For someone, it may be their permanent place of work along with a number of colleagues and therefore it should be practical as well as stylish. Import documents and paperwork can be stored in and around the reception area along with cash, computers and other accessories. It is also often the first point of entry for anyone coming to visit.

Having additional features such as glass windows, metal shutters and lockable storage can greatly improve security, especially in schools, nurseries and hospitals. Knowing what additional features you’re reception desk will need beforehand helps to make sure nothing is missed when it comes to installation.

How can Deanestor help?

At Deanestor, we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke reception counters. Our many years’ of industry experience mean that we can survey the area and produce a design which maximises the available space. Our skilled craftsmen use traditional and contemporary methods of production to create a truly unique piece of furniture tailored to your needs.

We can provide further cabinetry and lockers to match the new centrepiece as well as matching desks and shelving units. Our expertise doesn’t stop here. Deanestor can also provide a range of quality waiting room furniture to really give your visitors the best possible experience while on your premises.

If you are interested in using Deanestor for your next project, get in touch today on 01623 420041.


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