NHS HTM71 Furniture

NHS HTM71 storage furniture provides more efficient use of space and easier stock control and retrieval.

Modular storage systems are either cupboard carcase units, open shelving or mobile trolleys that are designed to contain trays and baskets of varying types and sizes.

All of Deanestor’s healthcare furniture is pre-assembled and quality inspected at our factory. Our healthcare furniture manufacturing method is fully compliant with NHS HTM71, providing a glued and dowelled cabinet construction that provides the durability required for hospital furniture.

Deanestor offers a full range of HTM 71 baskets and trays. These can be either ABS (light blue) which is resistant to temperatures of up to 85 °C or polycarbonate, which is transparent and resistant to temperatures of up to 121 °C.


NHS HTM 71 Specifications

Using our experience and knowledge of healthcare furniture manufacture gained over many years, Deanestor have made incremental improvements to the standard HTM71 guidelines which include supplying all shelves 18mm thick as standard. In addition to this, all of our frontals are manufactured from medium-density fibreboard with high pressure or decorative laminate facing. The Deanestor HTM71 system can be retrofitted into any of our standard base or wall cabinets. This offers the architect, client, and end-user the flexibility to ensure that cabinet units continue in a fully functional manner.

The surface materials and furniture construction requirements for HTM71 are met by Deanestor and a full range is offered including Pharmacy units.

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(Health Technical Memoranda 71)

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