PRS Furniture

The private rented sector (PRS) has grown considerably in the UK in the past few years and now makes up over 16.5% of the UK housing market.  With budding entrepreneurs looking to profit from the property market this trend may continue to grow. For ease, landlords will aspire to find complete furniture solutions to fashion a stylish and comfortable house from one easy source.

Bedroom furniture

Providing tenants with an attractive and comfortable bedroom is a landlord essential, this can be achieved through creatively designed bedroom furniture. In highly competitive locations, space may be limited so intelligent storage options are needed. Larger modern spaces will want minimalist and sleek furniture that suits the location and size of the property within the PRS.  

Bedroom furniture is much more than a comfortable bed these days. With wardrobes, drawers, TV entertainment racks and more involved in the modern bedroom, it’s about combining the correct pieces of PRS furniture in a stylish and functional manner.

Deanestor’s custom designed furniture allows them to fit and create bedroom furniture to fill all shapes and sizes. Visuals can be produced in 2D or 3D to help landlords decide upon their PRS furniture pieces before purchase to make the ultimate landlord packages. The strength and durability of Deanestor’s furniture provides long lasting furniture to put landlord’s minds at ease. 

Living Room and Bathroom furniture

Arguably the room that the tenants will spend the most awake time in, a lively and furnished living room should be a landlord essential within the private rented sector. Comfort and style take precedence, with longevity and maximised space also important factors to consider. Deanestor have 65 years of experience in providing full solutions for accommodation meaning you can get a complete landlord package providing help with design and delivery of fully assembled furniture.

Another room of vital importance within the private rented sector is the bathroom. A versatile bathroom containing a bath and shower provides variety which can attract a wider range of tenants to your property. Modern technology within plain designs tend to go down well in the latest bathrooms; whilst darker colours are beginning to make it into what were traditionally always white and cream bathrooms.

Bathrooms in rented properties require long lasting functional equipment and easy to clean solutions to ensure value is held over time. Bathroom pods are a complete solution to ease the burden of repeatable building and design for landlords and construction workers. Both complete factory built options and flat pack installation are available; making it easy to fit within new build houses as well as existing structures.

For a full range of PRS furniture and a simple one stop solution for landlords, Deanestor are able to help. With design software and a wide range of stocked furniture; Deanestor can design rooms to meet your exact needs.


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